Fashion & Custom Work

Sunset Leather Company has developed a line of fashion accessories such as, Ties, Hats, Jackets, Skirts, Shirts, Pants, and handbags. These are made from custom designs, your ideas, or simply by duplicating you’re old and worn out items. We also produce wonderful room panels, pillows, dividers, and other custom designs that are limited only by your imagination for your home, home theater, or office.

All Items listed may be custom ordered to accommodate your particular needs. Call for information regarding colors, styling, and pricing. Logo die services are available. All Items are made with the finest top grain leather.

817511Ka-Cee is ready for her weekend trip.

She is wearing:

rapron-211Ka-Cee is ready to go to work at any restaurant with these accessories.

She is wearing:

805211Sheena is ready to ride her motorcycle with one of our stylish motorcycle jackets.

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